Wastewater Treatment Plant Commissioning

Wastewater Treatment Plant Commissioning

We have a well-qualified team and partners to Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erect and Commission the Wastewater Treatment Plant (ETP & STP).

Procedure – First we collect the effluent sample from the client’s site to know the physical and chemical composition of the effluent. Then we design the plant to keep in mind the shock load conditions & future effluent load on the plant.

We also redesign and modify the existing treatment plants to get the desired outlet effluent quality. First, we conduct an audit/gap analysis to find gaps in the process or design. This way it is easy to find the cause of the trouble and take necessary action.

We also have a well-educated and trained team of supervisors and WTP operators to operate the Industrial and residential ETP and STPs respectively.

We provide the right solutions to the customers along with their requirements.